Roasting is very important process where coffee aroma, flavour and the taste are generated. Indus Coffee installed a Turbo Roaster with latest technology for fast roasting of coffee for good taste & aroma. Arabica & Robusta are roasted separately for optimum roasts and blended thereafter as per the consumer/market requirements.

The Turbo Roaster is fully automatic and degree of roast is controlled through PLC roast after roast for uniform roasting.


Fully automatic coffee extraction plant from Europe for producing consistent quality of coffee extract batch after batch. Cycle time is kept lower than conventional coffee extraction plants for finer quality of product.

Temperatures are kept low when comes to fresh coffee treatment such that thermal damage to coffee is negligible and the end product is of highest quality.


Aroma recovery is another critical process. Aroma is recovered selectively during coffee extraction and evaporation and preserved in chilled condition. It is added back just before spray drying such that consumers can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with full taste.


Thermally accelerated short time evaporator is installed to reduce heat damage to coffee extract during concentration. It treats the product very gently and in one step, produces the coffee concentrate. No re-circulation of product unlike in other evaporators and this retains the product quality even better.


Tall form spray dryer with pressure nozzles for free flow uniform instant coffee product. Indus Coffee has opted for low temperature drying technology such that aroma loss is minimal during drying and final product has more aroma.

Instant coffee is cooled, classified and packed in air tight tote bins for further packing into bulk or retail packs.


The agglomeration process basically involves rewetting the surfaces of the coffee powder particles and bringing the particles into contact, so that they will adhere to each other and form larger, more granular particles. This is accomplished by exposing the powder to steam, while tumbling it in the air. With a special agglomeration nozzle, Indus Coffee producing uniform granules with attractive product colour.