Agglomerated Coffee at Indus

Indus Coffee | 3rd May, 2018

Agglomerated coffee is a popular form of soluble coffee. Delicious and refreshing – this agglomerated coffee is marketed as the most attractive form of instant/ soluble coffee among consumers.

Refer this blog and know more about agglomeration process and how agglomerated coffee is produced at Indus:

What is Agglomeration?

Agglomeration process improves solubility and transforms the coffee powder into more attractive granules. This process basically involves rewetting the surfaces of the coffee powder particles and bringing the particles into contact, so that they will hold on to each other and form larger, more granular particles. This is attained by exposing coffee powder to steam while tumbling it in the air.

Agglomerated Coffee Produced at Indus

Indus produces distinctive, high-quality soluble (instant) coffees. The process begins with the careful selection of beans. At Indus agglomerated coffee is prepared from spray-dried coffee with the process of adding steam and water which further gets converted to granulated form. With a special agglomeration nozzle, Indus Coffee produces uniform granules with attractive product colour. Maintaining the delightful aroma and flavour of the coffee, the agglomeration process creates a more sophisticated and elegant product.

Another characteristic of Indus's soluble or instant coffee powder or agglomerated coffee is its long shelf life. The coffee is packed in airtight containers so that it can maintain its quality during many months or even years, as it is less vulnerable to oxidation processes.

Agglomerated coffee produced by Indus is enjoyed daily throughout the world. It can be easily prepared without much effort. One only needs to add milk or water, not needing machines with filters or high pressure.

The Mission of Indus Coffee - "To be the No. 1 exporter of instant coffee from India"

Currently, Indus plant produces 10 different types and qualities of spray dried instant coffee and granulated coffee according to the customized specifications and also internationally recognized standards. However, with the best state of the art manufacturing facility in India and the best knowledgeable team – the company aims to be the topmost exporter of instant coffee from India.

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