History Of Indus Coffee

Indus Coffee | 5th April, 2018

Indus Coffee is a group company of Food Empire Holdings Limited (FEHL), which is headquartered in Singapore. FEHL is a global branding and manufacturing company in the food and beverage sector. This group employs sophisticated brand building activities, localized to match the flavour of the local markets in which its products are sold.

A public listed company having a group turnover of more than USD 250, FEHL (Food Empire Holdings Limited) further emphasized to capitalize the opportunity of growing value-added coffee segment and decided to set up a state of the art manufacturing facility in India for soluble coffee with the latest technology.

Manufacturing Facility in South India

The manufacturing facility of Indus Coffee is now set in South India, very near to Chennai. With close proximity to (import) quality raw materials and ports for easy access for exports - today Indus Coffee is known to a 100% export oriented unit.

Currently, Indus plant produces 10 different types and qualities of spray dried instant coffee and granulated coffee according to the customized specifications and internationally recognized standards.

Team of Indus

Indus Coffee operates efficiently with the help of an extremely committed team of professionals. With diverse expertise in the world of coffee, the team aims to add value to its customers. The current Board Members of the company are: Mr. Amrish Rungta -Director, Mr. H N Tarafdar - Director, Mr. Nandeesh Ravi Gowda -Director

Recognized Company

Indus Coffee established on the unique idea of making purchase of coffee easier. It has grown significantly and has become a leader in coffee and coffee products. The company is ISO, Halal, kosher and HACCP certified and all its products meet International Standards.

Company's Mission

Company's mission is very clear and percolated down the line, across all levels and this forms the driving force for all at Indus. The Mission Statement of Indus Coffee is:

"To be the No. 1 exporter of instant coffee from India"