Indus Coffee Products To Help You Make a Better Cup

Indus Coffee | 29th March, 2018

Coffee enriches our lives in ways we can hardly describe. From the sumptuous aroma of freshly brewed seasonal blend in the morning to a refreshing iced drink on a hot day - nothing makes our hearts pump quite like our cup of coffee.

If you are a coffee lover and want to venture outside of your average, everyday grind - get a quick look at Indus Coffee products. Delectable and aromatic - Indus will help you make a better a coffee cup.

Currently, Indus Coffee plant produces 10 different types and qualities of spray dried instant coffee and granulated coffee - according to the customized specifications and internationally recognized standards.

Spray Dried Coffee (100% pure)

Spray Dried Coffee is processed from carefully selected coffee beans. It is blended in varying proportions with an optimum degree of roast to cater to consumer's tastes.

Fine in flavour and taste - you are sure to experience delectable goodness in every sip of this Indus coffee you take.

Agglomerated Coffee (100% pure)

This coffee product is prepared from spray-dried coffee with the process of adding steam and water which further gets converted to granulated form. In fact its the look and appearance of this product that gains the attraction of many customers.

Easier in dissolving - this product is appropriate to make your coffee life better.

CHICORY MIX - SOLUBLE COFFEE - For Added Favour and Taste

Chicory is a natural plant product that is used as an ingredient to add flavour & taste. It is produced in both spray dried and agglomerated form to make the coffee strong and also cost wise lesser than pure coffee.

With all that being said, Indus is always looking for lovely new coffee customers. Moreover, the company takes pride in offering quality service be it bulk or retail.

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