Indus Coffee - One Of The Best Coffee Companies to Look For

Indus Coffee | 12th April, 2018

Do you know what makes Indus the best in the market? The company has too many options when it comes to coffee products. From 3 in 1 coffee mix to instant soluble coffee- there is a range of products to binge on or order for your morning sip.

Now imagine craving for a simple local coffee, or just a homely coffee free of flavour and essence. It's not like we don't appreciate those creations as well, but sometimes all you need is the original.

When you discover Indus's products all your coffee problems are solved. You needn't compromise on quality when it comes to Indus Coffee products. All you have to do is just relax and indulge in a little Indus coffee whenever you want or wherever you be.

Indus Coffee produces coffee products with a distinct taste and the flavour experience to attract consumers who want more than just coffee in their mugs.

With the manufacturing facility set right away in a discreet land of South India, Indus Coffee aims to offer delectable coffee according to the customized specifications and also internationally recognized standards.

Few Other Traits That Make Indus Coffee The Best In The Market:

  • Does careful selection of raw material
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Aroma recovery process is unique
  • Extraction is one of the latest versions
  • Owns a unique knowledgeable team of professionals
  • Offers quality and consistent product

In addition, the company is ISO/ HACCP certified and is a group company of Food Empire Holdings Limited, Singapore. Moving ahead, the company's mission is very clear and percolated down the line, across all levels and this forms the driving force. The Mission Statement is: "To be the No. 1 exporter of instant coffee from India"

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