Indus Uses Latest Instant Coffee Technology

Indus Coffee | 19th April, 2018

Modern times call for modern processes, and Indus Coffee takes pride in investing in latest technology to produce quality soluble coffee for the 21st-century coffee loves.

Indus Coffee understands that the old methods used to produce soluble coffees are a little cumbersome, and needs improvement. Hence, in order to get consistency and control of the products, the company has invested in latest technology process controls and packaging systems - to produce great-tasting coffee to meet customer requirements.

Turbo Roaster With Latest Technology

Indus Coffee installed a Turbo Roaster with the latest technology for fast roasting of coffee for good taste and aroma. Both Arabica and Robusta are roasted separately for optimum roasts and blended thereafter as per the consumer/market requirements.

The Turbo Roaster is fully automatic and degree of roast is controlled through PLC roast for uniform roasting.

Automatic Coffee Extraction Plant from Europe

Indus possesses a fully automatic coffee extraction plant from Europe for producing consistent quality of coffee extract batch after batch. Cycle time is kept lower than conventional coffee extraction plants for finer quality of the product.

Moreover, the temperatures are kept low when comes to fresh coffee treatment such that thermal damage to coffee is negligible and the end product is of the highest quality.

Uses Efficient Tools For Packaging

At Indus - instant coffee powder is collected in stainless steel tote bins, in cool and airtight condition. If necessary, the powder is blended through a static blender and thereafter, packed either in bulk or retail packs. The company even has a fully automatic packing line for can and jar filling and is capable to handle 45g, 50g, 90g, 100g and 190g, 200g pack sizes. (Sachets 0.7gm to 2gm is produced).

Stainless Steel Sieves and Metal Detectors For Quality Check

Indus makes use of stainless steel sieves and metal detectors adequately at various stages of production processes - to eliminate any foreign matters and iron pieces in coffee. Even the packing room is built on clean room concept to ensure food safety with respect to bacterial contamination.

Indus prides itself on being quality excellence; hence all the products are untouched throughout the entire production process - until it gets packed into the final form. Be it bulk or retail the company does guarantee hygienic, clean and safe products.