Quality and Service Matter For Indus Coffee

Indus Coffee | 26th March, 2018

When consumers buy products like coffee for themselves, they are more likely to judge the brand by its quality and service. In a world where beverages like coffee have high demand, improved methods of quality control and service by manufacturing companies are playing a bigger part. In particular, quality control and service are accepted as a critical parameters to help ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

This is why quality and service matters for Indus Coffee. The company makes every effort to provide its customers with world-class quality products and service.

Let's find how:

Use of Latest Technology and Expertise

With the opportunity of growing value-added coffee segment, the company decided to set up a state of the art manufacturing facility in India for soluble coffee with the latest technology. Moreover, with an extremely committed team of professionals with diverse expertise - they strive to add value to its customers.


The packing room is built on clean room concept to ensure food safety with respect to bacterial contamination. Moreover, the products are untouched throughout the entire production process till it gets packed into the final form. Be it bulk or retail - the brand does guarantee a quality, clean product.

Safe Shipping

For all exports, coffee is delivered in waterproof containers, 20's & 40's through leading shipping lines. In addition, the shipping lines are decided in consultation with the customers such that safe delivery can be ensured.

Timely Delivery

The company does take care of timely delivery as well. Even after the products are sent for shipping, Indus Coffee tries to track the containers on high seas to inform its customer the status of the delivery.

Indus Coffee is a leading coffee manufacture in India. Quality, consistency and timely delivery are the keywords for Indus Coffee. The company is ISO and HACCP certified and all its products meet International Standards.

With an aim to be the No. 1 exporter of instant coffee from India - the company strives to offer much better products to its customers in the near future.