The Essential Role of Logistics at Indus

Indus Coffee | 26th April, 2018

There are several qualities and skills that a good logistics department should possess, such as attention to detail, punctuality, knowledge of importing/exporting shipping methods, and multi-tasking proficiency. And the logistics department at Indus has it all.

Ever since Indus was formed, the commodity "coffee" has been a great passion for the company. And to steer that passion effectively - Indus possesses the best and the most experienced logistics service when it comes to the storage and transportation of coffee.

Annually, the company transports hundreds of thousands of tons of coffee to most of the countries worldwide. And most of all, every customer is important to Indus, be it a small enterprise or a major coffee roaster and dealer. Hence for all exports at Indus, coffee is delivered in waterproof and (food grade Containers), 20's & 40's through leading shipping lines. Moreover, the shipping lines are decided in consultation with the customers to ensure safe and timely delivery. Indus even tries to track the containers on high seas and informs its customer the status.

Indus continues to be cited as a leading example on how to get its logistics right, even in the face of overwhelming complexity and astounding growth. The company always strives to keep pace with the rapid growth and the cost of running it efficiently. To ensure smooth functioning and execution in the present and in the future, the company takes particular care to hire only the best talent available to replenish its team. Moreover, the company also takes the initiative to onboard training for all the staff.

Indus coffee is famous and well-known for its products and quality. Quality, consistency and timely delivery are the keywords for Indus Coffee and the management strives to maintain the same excellence at any cost.

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